A function is served by every story even if it's only to get your audience to laugh. Allow the characters reveal themselves as they talk and act, just as people show themselves and only when it's pertinent to the story that that unbelievable death story unique attribute is being noticed by the principal character at that specific time mention details of their physical look.

Level 90 content played out in a number of daily quests - some factions with overall story arcs that clarified just what they were up to and gave you a great idea of who these various organizations were, others with little in the way of explanation, like the August Celestials that will likely death story remain an enigmatic mystery for good.

In effect while composing the story in much the same we have to adopt the personality of the central character way an actor embraces the style of the character he top 10 unbelievable death story is playing on stage. There's never any need to describe a character merely for the benefit of it. Like everything else in the story characterisation is simply relevant insofar as it leads to the plot, and should be done through activity.